85 keyboard shortcuts for moving faster in Microsoft Excel

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Keyboard shortcuts can shave a surprising amount of time off the process of performing various Excel tasks. This list includes all the basics, along with those 'I know there's a way to do this more quickly' shortcuts you can never quite remember.

Most people have a small set of Excel keyboard shortcuts that help them work more efficiently, but remembering more than a handful is next to impossible. This list is ideal for posting near your computer for a quick reminder of some truly useful shortcuts, such as:
  • [Ctrl]1 - Open the Format Cells dialog box
  • [Ctrl][Shift]# - Apply the Date format
  • [Shift][F11] - Insert a new worksheet
  • [Ctrl]' - Copy a formula to the current cell from the cell above it
  • [F11] - Create a new chart from selected data
  • [Ctrl] and ] - Select formulas that directly reference the active cell
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