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Provided by: Lavastorm Analytics
Topic: Data Management
Format: Software
Empower yourself with a new, agile way to analyze, optimize, and control your data and business processes. Experience Lavastorm Desktop Public today and become a data hero overnight. Lavastorm is easy to learn and will give you as much power as a programmer to rapidly unify disparate data, build analytics and deliver actionable insights and results. It will change the way you do analytics today, enabling you to discover new business value in your data.

The real value is seeing your data in the tool, so get your copy today and begin to:
  • Acquire and integrate your data files
  • Profile, inspect and discover what's in your data
  • Visualize your findings early and at any step in the process
  • Trace your steps back through your analytics for validation
  • Review and publish your results with confidence
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