Apple Card: Tips and tricks for business professionals (free PDF)

Apple announced its entry into the credit card industry in March 2019 with the Apple Card, an Apple-branded credit card designed to help make financial decision making easier. Unlike traditional credit cards, which exist primarily as physical items with digital features, the Apple Card can be thought of as a digital-first credit card. It’s tightly integrated with Apple Pay, and while there is a physical titanium credit card made available, Apple intends for Apple Card to be used primarily from an iPhone or an Apple Watch via Apple Pay.

The Apple Card has a lot of novel features that could make it an ideal credit card for people who are already invested in Apple’s product ecosystem. How do you decide if its worth considering as a credit card for the corporate world? This free PDF download is here to help.

In this download:

  • Learn how to apply and set up an Apple Card
  • Learn how to use an Apple Card and monitor transactions and payments
  • Learn how to add an Apple Card to your iPad, Apple Watch and Mac
  • Learn how use Apple Card without Apple pay
  • Apple Card security tips and more

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