Artificial intelligence ethics policy


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  • Published October 24, 2021
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The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the appropriate use of ethics involving artificial Intelligence.

This policy can be customized as needed to fit the needs of your organization.

From the policy:


The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is on the rise in many organizations across various fields. Artificial intelligence has the power to help businesses as well as employees by providing greater data insights, better threat protection, more efficient automation and other advances.

However, if misused, artificial intelligence can be a detriment to individuals, organizations, and society overall. For instance, “bots” are now rampant among social media, generating political propaganda or “fake news” intended to adversely impact or unjustly inflate people’s opinions of various political candidates or personalities, thereby lowering the quality of discourse and public faith in reporting institutions.

Therefore, it is imperative to establish moral guidelines and boundaries for the use of artificial intelligence in business.

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