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Rolling out a new application can introduce chaos among users and support staff if the process isn't handled in an organized way. This comprehensive checklist will help you gather the information you need to manage the rollout and minimize support overhead.

A poorly planned rollout of a new application or a version upgrade can turn a smoothly functioning organization into a dysfunctional mess. In the worst case, you have techs who don't know how to support the program, frustrated users who can't get their work done, a help desk that's drowning in trouble tickets, managers who don't know how to initiate requests for the new program, overlooked vendor support resources, hit-or-miss training, and collateral damage that occurs because nobody considered the big picture prior to the rollout.

The flip side of that train wreck is a well-planned, carefully initiated launch, in which everyone involved--from end users to managers to IT staff--has the information needed to accommodate the new program. With so many factors to consider, a successful rollout demands some kind of system to keep everyone on track, and that's where this checklist comes in. Created by TechRepublic contributor and help desk supervisor Mitch Bryant, this comprehensive form will help you collect essential information, such as:
  • Testing, training, and 'GoLive' schedules
  • Program requirements (platform, compatibility, install procedures, hardware, etc.)
  • Login requirements and security information
  • Access request procedures
  • Support options and triage notes
  • Supplemental information, documentation, and screenshots

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