Cisco-WebEx – Now Meet with Up to Three for FREE!

Online collaboration tools have made it possible for organizations to collaborate with colleagues across organizations and halfway across the planet. These tools contribute to increased productivity, and prolonged connections between disparate teams and partners.

If you’re looking to interact with colleagues, clients or prospects via your notebook, your iPhone, your smartphone, or even your iPad, an online meetings solution might be the right tool for you. You’ll be able to collaborate and share before, during, and after your meetings. You’ll upload and share agendas, files, and contacts from one central location. You’ll chat one-to-one with whoever’s online and available. Document editing and sharing will be a collaborative process across regions. Recording and replaying meetings for colleagues will be as simple as the push of a button.

Cisco WebEx can help you accomplish this and more. With Cisco, you can conduct unlimited online meetings with up to three people for free, forever! Compare meeting plans here and get on board with Cisco WebEx online meetings.

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