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Learn how SolarWinds can help improve IT and data security through access rights management.

SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) is designed to help:

  • Improve security posture and mitigate insider threats
    Automate user access management, analysis, and enforcement while providing audit trails through identification of insecure accounts.
  • Demonstrate compliance
    Quickly generate and deliver comprehensive user access reports for regulatory compliance and audits.
  • Easily manage user permissions
    Simple user permissions management with automated and templatized provisioning and deprovisioning.
  • Enhance productivity
    Help reduce IT workload through self-service portal and delegation of permissions management to data owners.
  • Simplify security
    Powerful and intuitive access rights monitoring and management for companies of all sizes – for threat protection from the inside out. We call it security simplified.

Key Features

  • Active Directory® monitoring
  • Windows® File Share auditing
  • Microsoft® Exchange™ monitoring
  • User provisioning and management
  • User permissions analysis
  • Custom report generation

Scalable user monitoring

  • ARM can be used to monitor small and large environments, from thousands to hundreds of thousands of users.

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