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Employee political activity policy


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  • Published November 28, 2016
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This sample policy provides a basic outline of the measures an organization should take to protect and maintain the safety of all employees, customers, vendors, and visitors regardless of political affiliation.

From the policy:

No matter where in the world an enterprise operates, politics is going to play a major role in the lives of its employees. Depending on the country and the current political situation, it’s possible for affiliations, candidates, and political parties to become a driving passion in your workforce. While an actively engaged workforce taking an interest in their government and the political process may be desirable, it may not always be in the best interest of cooperation and productivity.

In addition, heightened political passion may lead to conflict and disruption of business operations if no ground rules are laid out. Taken to extremes, unchecked political activity by employees can grow into harassment and a hostile work environment. A written policy establishing guidelines for employees to follow will help prevent such disruptions.

Policy details
The company encourages employees to participate in political activity as a civic duty and one of many ways employees can improve life outside the enterprise. However, the views, political affiliations, and personal inclinations of all employees will be respected at all times. Intimidation and coercion regarding political parties, affiliations, or voting choices will not be tolerated and could be grounds for disciplinary action, including termination of employment. This policy outlines allowed and prohibited political activity in the organization.

The company will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding employee political activity and will enforce this policy in accordance with those laws and regulations.

This policy applies to all employees of the company, as well as all contractors, customers, and third-party vendors who have business with enterprise employees.

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