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Provided by: SolarWinds
Topic: Security
Format: Software
What will you do when the security systems implemented to secure your IT environment are not secure anymore? Do you know what’s lurking in your network to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise IT security?

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) provides real-time insight and awareness into all your security, operational and policy-driven activities on your IT frontier. SolarWinds LEM can detect, alert, and react to zero-day threats and help protect your network and systems from security risks.

SolarWinds LEM offers comprehensive log management functionality to collect logs from various network and security devices, and correlate events in real time for advanced incident alerting. LEM enhances IT security and allows you to:
  • Analyze log data with intuitive search tools and identify anomalies and suspicious behavior patterns
  • Leverage powerful automated response to remediate and counter real-time security threats
  • Defend against unauthorized USB access and confidential data loss
  • Use out-of-the-box audit-proven regulatory reports to support organizational and federal compliance
SolarWinds LEM is a full-function security event and information management (SIEM) solution that integrates with network devices, security appliances, workstations, servers, OS, databases and more for far-reaching IT security.

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