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  • Published August 24, 2021
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Most everyone in IT knows about the debacle that was Red Hat capping CentOS at the knees. If you’ve been living in a server room for the past year, let me give the quick gist: Red Hat decided to shift CentOS to a rolling-release distribution, CentOS Stream, that now serves as a testing ground for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. What was once one of the most stable Linux server distributions now livest between Fedora and RHEL, so the company can highlight (to the public) what it’s planning on doing with the next release of their flagship OS. What that means is CentOS Stream will no longer exist as the rock-solid platform we all once knew and deployed, but an ever-changing playground for Red Hat’s premier OS. This means businesses cannot effectively rely on CentOS Stream to be stable. In some cases, crucial tools like cPanel have completely withdrawn their support for CentOS Steam.

The importance of that cannot be overstated. Without cPanel support, a large number of businesses have been forced to migrate to other Linux distributions.

But which ones? Because this is Linux and open source, it should come as no surprise that plenty of options have risen from the ashes that was CentOS 8. One such option is AlmaLinux.

Although you might think AlmaLinux is new to the world of Linux, it’s not. This “new” distribution was created by CloudLinux, a company that has a wealth of experience supporting Linux in the data center and within the cloud. This TechRepublic Premium PDF download will tell you all about it.

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