Executive’s guide to launching and managing an internship program (free PDF)

Can an internship program benefit to your IT shop? While it’s certainly a bit of work to set up a successful internship program, many companies find they get as much, or more value out of the program than the program’s participants.

For the unfamiliar, an internship program hires students, either at the undergraduate or graduate level, for a fixed duration, usually the annual summer break, although fall and winter internship programs are growing in popularity.

TechRepublic’s free ebook provides advice for launching and managing an internship program.

In this ebook

  • How to launch an internship
  • How to stop your interns from getting hacked
  • 4 reasons to offer interns full-time jobs, and 3 ways to make sure they want to accept
  • The highest paying internships and entry-level jobs in the US
  • And much more!

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