Executive’s guide to mobile security (free ebook)

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Provided by: TechRepublic
Topic: Security
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As the mobile enterprise expands, companies face the mounting complexity of keeping their assets safe from attack. This guide looks at trends in mobility management, areas of risk, and new tools for securing mobile devices.

Topics covered in this ebook include:
  • BYOD, EMM, and new security approaches
  • Best practices for managing security on BYOD phones and tablets
  • The value of mobile threat intelligence
  • Mobile device security myths
  • Vulnerabilities in mobile health and finance apps
  • The relative security of Android and iOS devices
In his introduction, ZDNet’s Charles McLellan offers this overview:

Mobile devices are a particular headache for IT security professionals because they present a bigger attack surface than PCs residing (relatively) safely within the corporate firewall, for several reasons: Mobile devices can be lost or stolen; mobile operating systems generally have less enterprise manageability heritage than desktop OSs; and wireless communications—be they Wi-Fi or cellular—can be intercepted.

Overlaying all this is the BYOD issue: Many organisations allow employees to use their own smartphones, tablets, and laptops to access company resources, whereupon the security of this heterogeneous population of endpoints becomes the IT department’s responsibility.

As the enterprise has become more mobile, a whole industry, initially focusing on mobile device management (MDM) and subsequently broadened to encompass enterprise mobility management (EMM), has grown up to address these issues. But security breaches continue to make the news almost daily, and the mobile enterprise continues to evolve with wearables and other IoT devices plugging into enterprise networks and ever more workloads and data being deployed in the cloud.
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