From start to finish: How to create a database server on Linux to be used on remote machines


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  • Published February 1, 2021
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From cloud tools, HRM software, Content Management Systems, or even collections of customer/client information—databases are the foundation for which so many platforms are dependent.

If your company is either building in-house applications and services or simply deploying pre-built tools, either of which requires a database to function, you’re going to need to know how to deploy that database server from start to finish.

Once you have the database server up and running, you can then create data-bases and connect any number of applications to those databases.

But without knowing how to deploy those databases, everything you want to build upon them will be a problem.

In this from start to finish article from TechRepublic Premium, we’re going to walk you through the process of installing a database, configuring the database for remote access, and then creating a database and giving a user access.

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