Gen Z: Recruitment and management guidebook (free PDF)

There are about 72 million Gen Z-ers (anyone born after 1996), and by 2020, it is estimated they will make up 24% of the global workforce, according to tech recruiting firm Dice.

As the first true digital natives and most technologically advanced generation to date, this digital generation will reshape the workforce.

How can employers best prepare for this next generation of workers? The TechRepublic Gen Z: Recruitment and management guidebook provides advice, strategies, and research on how to best manage, hire and retain this instant-gratification generation.

In this free PDF download, topics include:

  • How to hire digital natives in tech
  • How to recruit Gen Z
  • What Gen Z actually wants from the workforce
  • Why Gen Z employees need to be managed differently than millennials
  • The 10 most in-demand jobs for Gen Z workers
  • Why Gen Z workers are more productive in noisy open offices
  • And more

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