How to configure networking on a Linux server


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  • Published December 20, 2020
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If you’ve started your journey as a Linux administrator, you’ve probably come into contact with a few tasks that you think should be simple, but aren’t quite as easy as you’re accustomed to. One reason for this is because so many Linux servers are of the GUI-less type. In other words, there’s quite a lot of command line work to be had. And although you can set up those servers to work with a number of web-based tools (to make your admin job a bit easier), there’s one job where such a GUI won’t help you...the configuration of networking.

This article from TechRepublic Premium walk you through the process of configuring networking on two different Linux distributions—Ubuntu Server 20.04 (the latest Long Term Support release) and CentOS 8 (the latest release of the distribution). Both of these will be GUI-less, so you’ll be able to hone your manual configuration skills.

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