It’s Time for Your Free Active Directory Health Check!

Get to the root cause of your Active Directory performance issues with SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor (SAM). SAM gives you the visibility needed to maintain peak performance for your applications, hardware and operating systems. With the new AppInsight for SQL feature, SAM helps eliminate blind spots by providing an in-depth view and reporting on the node, database, memory, queries, disk usage, and more. SAM combines best-in-class systems management with SQL server performance monitoring to deliver visibility in one console. Plus, proactively alert on AD replication performance, quickly determine the cause of performance issues & get expert advice for issue remediation from within the application!

With SAM, check AD health on components such as:

  • Distributed File System Service
  • DNS Server Service
  • File Replication Service
  • LDAP Client Session
  • Intersite Messaging Service

SAM delivers agentless server and application monitoring software for application management, alerting, and reporting. This affordable, easy-to-use software supports multiple hardware vendors, and takes only minutes to create custom monitors and deploy new application monitors with built-in support for more than 150 applications.
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