Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Cloud

Forty per cent of businesses say increased infrastructure complexity is pushing budgets to their limits. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud helps small and medium-sized businesses simplify security management for Mac and Windows endpoints, mobile devices and file servers – without paying for additional hardware, resources or administration.

Maximum security, minimal overheads

For businesses with small IT teams – or that prefer to outsource IT security management –Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud delivers industry-leading protection that’s quick to roll out, easy to run and requires no additional hardware investment.

  • Manage security for multiple Mac and Windows endpoints, mobile devices and file servers remotely, from anywhere, with our ready-to-run cloud-based console.
  • Default security profiles developed by Kaspersky Lab experts provide immediate protection, saving you time and resource costs.
  • Centralized console for flexible, simple administration capabilities – manage yourself or outsource for real cost efficiency.
  • Protect your business with the world’s most tested, most awarded security

Being prepared before something goes wrong has always been the best plan – if you can’t find or can’t afford additional talent, maximising the ability of existing staff by taking the complexity out of their jobs is a good idea. If you can’t do that – ease of outsourcing can help you maximise value while ensuring you’re still protected by Kaspersky Lab’s industry-leading security.

For companies with limited in-house expertise, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud can ensure security doesn’t detract from other tasks – your entire corporate networks stays protected, even if you only have 15 minutes to spend on IT security. Our web-based console means you have complete control over where and when you need to perform security tasks and maintenance. Security profiles are applied to all devices – Windows, macOS, iOS and Android – enabling you to protect users instead of devices.

Because everything is centralised, administrators can monitor the security status of up to 1000 corporate network nodes from any chosen online device, from any location.
For even greater efficiency, reporting and license tracking are easily managed via a simple, intuitive interface.

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