Presentation: Raise user awareness about password security

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Topic: Security
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Employees don't always realize the importance of creating and safeguarding strong passwords. This presentation will give you a chance to explain best practices and walk users through your corporate password policy.

User education is often cited as one of the most effective ways to help boost information security and eliminate vulnerabilities within organizations--and password security should definitely be on your list of topics to cover. Even tech-savvy users can be careless with their passwords, unaware of how weak their passwords are, and completely in the dark about how quickly a password can be cracked.

This presentation, adapted from a recent lunch-and-learn session for TechRepublic staff, is designed to help you deliver a clear and simple message: Users who don't follow good password practices are putting the company at risk. By stepping through the characteristics of weak and strong passwords, showing examples of patterns users can follow (and remember), covering password do's and don'ts, and reviewing the highlights of your corporate password policy, you'll be able to convey the serious nature of password security.

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