Quick Glossary: Solid State Drives


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  • Published October 3, 2019
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Modern businesses collect extraordinary amounts of data, so knowing when and why you should deploy SSDs will continue to be crucial to the development of your IT infrastructure strategy. It is vital that everyone involved in data management, particularly regarding storage, have a clear and complete understanding of the terminology surrounding SSDs.

This Quick Glossary: Solid State Drives, defines 25 terms and acronyms associated with the deployment of SSDs in a business enterprise.

From the glossary:

From the business enterprise perspective, there is really no such thing as too much data or too fast access to that data. This attitude helps explain why data storage continues to be a major factor in any enterprise’s IT infrastructure strategy. It doesn’t matter whether the storage is at the workstation, on the network, on premise, or in the cloud, there must be plenty of it and it must be nearly instantaneously accessible.

Since they were first introduced in the early 1990s, solid state drives (SSDs), with their inherently faster access speeds, have grown so much in popularity that it’s become the dominate form factor for modern businesses when deploying IT infrastructure.

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