Quick Glossary: Storage area network (SAN)


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  • Published November 13, 2019
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With the sheer amount of raw data being generated by big data applications, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning, modern business enterprises may find their conventional file-level storage systems are overwhelmed and inadequate for the task. In those situations, enterprises often choose to deploy a system known as storage area network (SAN).

SANs are highly specialized high-speed computerized networks designed specifically to transfer and transmit data in its rawest block-level form. This high-speed communication is accomplished through the deployment of specialized hardware and software operating independently from other parts of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure.

Deployment of storage area networks by any business enterprise requires strategic planning and interdepartmental cooperation. Decision makers involved in a SAN deployment project must be able to converse in the language surrounding and supporting the technology.

This Quick glossary: Storage area network, from TechRepublic Premium, explains 21 terms and concepts associated with this high-speed data storage network and provides a foundational basis for implementing SAN solutions for your business.

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