Recover from a Network Configuration Error in Under Five Minutes

Researchers say that over 80% of network outages are caused by human error. Many errors are made when someone makes changes to a device configuration. When a network outage occurs, the standard triage questions are “what just happened”, “did something fail or was something changed”, and “how do we get back up ASAP”? Once you have determined that the outage is due to a configuration change then finding the specific error can be difficult for these reasons:

  • How to determine, out of all devices in use, which devices were recently changed?
  • How to identify within an affected configuration exactly what lines changed?

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager will help you know what has changed and help you restore services quickly by:

  • Knowing Which Devices Configurations Changed
  • Knowing Exactly What Changes Were Made
  • Rolling Back an Errant Device Configuration
  • Automatically Backing Up Device Configurations

To learn more about how SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) can help and to download a free copy of NCM with a 30-day license, click to download.

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