Sample files: Three ways to select all footnotes in a document

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These files demonstrate the techniques described in the article Office Q&A: Three ways to select all footnotes in a document.

From the article:

Most Word users learn quickly that pressing Ctrl+A selects the entire document--except headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes. Rory was hoping for a macro that would select and update the field codes in his footnotes. His scheme is a bit of genius and involves field codes, hyperlinks, and cross-references. It's slick, but the field codes in the footnotes don't update automatically. Field codes generally don't. You must select them and press F9 to force them to update. Selecting each field code manually is tedious--and fortunately, unnecessary, so Rory doesn't need a macro. There are two ways to select footnotes and update the fields without using VBA code. I'll also provide a macro, in case that's what Rory truly needs.
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