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The explosion of IP-enabled devices in today’s corporate networks has increased the complexity of IP space management beyond what can be handled with spreadsheets or other home-grown tools.

SolarWinds IP Address Manager makes it easier than ever to manage and monitor Microsoft® DHCP and DNS, as well as Cisco® DHCP servers, all from a single, intuitive Web console. Quickly troubleshoot and optimize IP space with at-a-glance dashboard visibility, proactive alerting, detailed event recording, and customized reporting. Plus, you can easily coordinate team access to your IP space and effectively track who made what changes.

“Put away the spreadsheets and instead use a cost-effective tool that integrates with your existing infrastructure. No expensive appliances and minimal complexity.”
Aaron Leskiw,

Download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial and start managing your IP address space in less than an hour. Try it today! (Business email address required.)

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