Technical documentation policy


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  • Published November 10, 2019
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The importance of quality technical documentation cannot be overstated. Whether using this documentation to educate and inform internal employees, external customers, seasoned technological professionals, technology-averse end users, millennials, the senior population or any kind of target audience, it can make or break your organization.

Quality, accurate and easy-to-understand technical documentation can help your employees, customers, and prospective clients understand steps involved with performing business within or in relations to to your company.

Technical documents also span many fields and industries, from financial firms to real estate corporations to legal offices to marketing agencies to internet providers. It can include elements such as diagrams, hardware requirements, account details, coding guidelines, security policies, flow charts, and more.

The purpose of this policy from TechRepublic Premium is to provide guidelines for writing efficient and usable technical documentation for all manner of audiences.

This policy can be customized as needed to fit the needs of your organization.

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