The best Linux web-based admin GUIs for business


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  • Published October 6, 2020
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If you’re a network or systems administrator, chances are pretty good that you’re tasked with managing a number of servers within your data center. Those servers can range in the services they offer from web, database, cloud, file sharing, user/directory management, printers, containers, virtual machines, and everything in between.

When the machines hosting those services are Linux-based, you probably spend a lot of time working within the command line. Although this gives you a lot of power, it’s not always the most efficient method, especially when you have IT staff not quite so adept at the command line interface (CLI). When you’re faced with such a reality, what do you do?

For some of those services, you could always deploy a web-based GUI. By doing this, you can access the admin tools from any machine on your LAN (or WAN, if you’ve made it available outside of your network), and you don’t have to bother with installing a desktop environment on your server and add additional layers to secure.

But for those new(ish) to Linux, what web-based GUIs are the best for you to consider?

TechRepublic Premium has narrowed down the top six. Among this list you’ll find some entries that serve a more general purpose, while others are very specific. In the end, you can always install a combination of these to create a web-based admin toolkit that is perfectly suited to the needs of your company.

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