V-locity 3 Virtual Platform Disk Optimizer - FREE 30-day trialware

Virtual infrastructures must be dynamic, efficient and above all else, fast because they process the most critical company data. But underlying resource use must be optimized or the platform can slow to a crawl. V-locity 3 brings an unprecedented depth of resource awareness and new technology for peak performance in any virtual environment.


  • New! CogniSAN? technology detects external resource usage with a shared system and ensures zero optimization conflicts.
  • NEW! V-Aware? technology detects external resource usage from other virtual machines on the same Host Server and prevents resource conflicts.
  • NEW! Automatic zeroing of free space. This powerful engine zeros out unused data blocks on virtual disks and makes virtual disk compaction easy. It also allows Storage vMotion (VMware) or Quick Storage Migration (Hyper-V) to compact a disk on the fly in most virtual platforms when they migrate virtual disks across physical hosts. Automatic Space Reclamation occurs online with no need for a maintenance window.
  • IntelliWrite? technology prevents unnecessary I/O generation during file writes, greatly increasing I/O efficiency.
  • InvisiTasking? technology allows all V-locity background operations to run using only idle resources.
  • InstantDefrag? technology immediately eliminates unnecessary I/Os passed from the OS to the disk subsystem.
  • Real-time free space consolidation
  • Set It and Forget It? automatic operation.
Provided by: Condusiv Technologies Topic: Data Centers Date Added: Apr 2012 Format: Software

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