VPN: Picking a provider and troubleshooting tips (free PDF)

Data security and privacy are real concerns for business professionals, and with an increase in people working from home, those concerns are even greater than before. One of the easiest ways for professionals to protect their internet traffic is by using a virtual private network, or VPN.

VPNs provide employees with secure access to an organization’s internal network and data, from anywhere. In essence, think of a VPN as a private tunnel from a computer to a network: It’s secure, encrypted, and can do everything a computer located in a work network or another country can.

However, using a VPN to gain access to company resources comes with a responsibility to uphold security standards expected by the organization.

As more people transition to remote work, it’s important that employees understand the importance of VPNs and how best to use them. While employers need to know how to pick the best service provider and ensure security. Learn more in this free PDF download from TechRepublic.

In the download:

  • VPN: 5 reasons business pros should always use one
  • Why your company needs a VPN usage policy to keep workers secure
  • 7 of the best VPN providers for small businesses
  • How to fix the four biggest problems with VPN connections
  • How to balance security and user needs when choosing a VPN service provider
  • And more!

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