Windows Server 2022: A cheat sheet (free PDF)

The latest version of the long-term support release of Windows Server, Windows Server 2022, is now available. It’s perhaps best thought of as a continuing evolution of the series of releases that started with Windows Server 2016, enhancing security, adding improved hybrid cloud capabilities and improving its support for the largest on-premises applications. Now in sync with Windows Azure releases, it’s an effective on-premises platform that scales from simple file and print to running massive data warehouses and large-scale line-of-business applications like SAP.

Learn more about the Windows Server 2022’s improved hybrid cloud features, beefed up security and improved support for large on-premises applications and more in this free PDF download from TechRepublic.

In the download:

  • What is Windows Server 2022?
  • Why does Windows Server 2022 matter?
  • When was Windows Server 2022 released?
  • How can I get Windows Server 2022?
  • How much does Windows Server 2022 cost?
  • And more!

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