10 essential tools for remote workers (free PDF)

Whether you’re on the go or just working outside the office, the right tools can make your job much easier. This ebook lists 10 must-have tools to facilitate your work.

From the ebook:

Outside distractions can pose a major problem when you’re working remotely, but this little pocket-size gadget could fix that. You just set Saent to turn on for however long you want to work and enter websites that distract you. Saent will then block your access to those sites for the specified length of time. Even better, it will remind you to take breaks.

Google Chromecast
Google Chromecast offers a quick and easy way to work on two monitors. The device, which can plug into any television, lets you cast content from your computer or tablet onto the bigger screen, giving you more visual space to work. Buy one here.

Bluetooth mouse
If you aren’t a fan of touchscreens or trackpads, this little mouse will be your best friend. The Razer Atheris mouse is compact and lightweight, and it has a battery life of 350 hours. Whether you’re working at a coffee shop, on a plane, or in a home office, this portable mouse can make navigating multiple windows much easier.

Bluetooth keyboard
Many remote workers turn to tablets for more mobile computing capabilities; however, the tablet eliminates a physical keyboard. The compact Arteck wireless keyboard is a great supplement and pairs nicely with the Bluetooth mouse mentioned above. The keyboard is ultra-thin and lightweight, making portability easy. It also has a six-month battery life and two-year warranty.

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