10 mobile apps to simplify your job search (free PDF)

If you’re kicking off the new year resolved to find a different job, the apps on this list will streamline the process.

From the list:

1. Good&Co
First up is Good&Co, which uses personality quizzes to help you find the right job match. If you’ve ever used the dating app OKCupid, which is famous for its quizzes, Good&Co will feel familiar.

Linking your Good&Co profile with LinkedIn will pair you with companies that have a corporate culture that matches your personality, at least according to its metrics.

Good&Co is available for iOS and Android.

2. LinkedIn Job Search
LinkedIn offers a separate app for job searching, and it operates a lot like searching for a job on the LinkedIn website. You can follow posts, get notifications, and track jobs you looked at and applied for.

LinkedIn Job Search is available on iOS and Android.

3. Monster Job Search
Ever wished you could swipe your way through job postings like you do on Tinder? If so, Monster Job Search is the app for you. Previously available under the name Jobr, Monster Job Search works just like Tinder: Your profile is your resume and you swipe to apply for jobs.

Monster Job Search is available for iOS and Android

4. Dice Careers
This job search app is only for people in the tech industry. It packs some pretty neat features, like comparing a job posting’s salary to the average for similar positions in that region.

It also has an area for planning your career in the IT industry, where it pulls from your resume and experience to show what you should plan on next.

Dice Careers is available on iOS and Android.

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