10 rank-worthy SEO recommendations for 2017

The message for SEO in 2017 is loud and clear: Design your website in a fashion that makes mobile users the priority. If you listen closely, you can almost hear Google whisper, “Or be left behind, mwah ha ha…”

Now, where you may have been focusing very little (if at all) on mobile up to this point, don’t just pull a 180 and relegate the desktop version of your site to the digital doldrums while going 100-percent mobile.

Think of it this way: You need two websites now — each of them being as efficient, effective, and targeted as you can make them — but, thanks to responsive design, your one site can function as two. Whether you’re looking to start your efforts from scratch or seeking guidance to build upon your site’s quality and rankability for the year ahead, we got you covered with these 10 recommendations.

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