10 signs you might be working for the wrong company (free PDF)

No matter where you are in your career, there may come a time when you need to think hard about whether you’re in the right job. This ebook offers some indications to consider that may help you reach the right conclusion.

From the ebook:

Maybe you’ve just started at a new company—or maybe you’ve been working with one for a while. But something seems wrong. You can’t put your finger on the issue, but deep in the core of your mind, you know something is amiss.

Still, you ignore the feeling and soldier on. Months or years later, you’re miserable. Every strand of hair on your head has gone gray and the fuse on your temper has shortened drastically. Would that you had realized early on that you were working for the wrong company. That bit of knowledge could have saved you plenty of discontentment and time.

Here are a few signs for you to look for—signs that may help you know whether the company you hired on with isn’t the right fit. Grab your coffee, open your eyes wide, and read on.

1. You don’t believe in what the company does
This one is a big one, although you might not see it at first. The company you’re working for might be in a less than desirable sector of business. Maybe the product you support doesn’t stand up to its claims. Or maybe the company engages in business practices that rub your ethical grain the wrong way. Chances of this issue smoothing out are slim to none. In fact, the idea that you can’t fall in line with the very heart of the company should tell you, immediately, that it’s time to bail.

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