10 tips for new cybersecurity pros (free PDF)

Building a successful cybersecurity career begins with taking good foundational steps. In this ebook, two InfoSec professionals share their advice for those just starting out.

From the ebook:

The art of working in cybersecurity is about more than just protecting systems and networks; it requires a strategic perspective, lots of planning, and building a comprehensive roadmap of priorities and goals for the future. Technology continues to evolve and so the ways in which it can be put at risk evolve as well, necessitating a constant pace of career development.

Book learning and technical training are essential elements for any IT-related profession, but some additional skills are essential due to the high level of complexity and ever-changing requirements behind a cybersecurity career.

I spoke to Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault, to get his take on how to develop a solid and stable cybersecurity career. Here are a few of his summarized insights after reflecting back on his career, along with some follow-up elaboration based on my own experiences in cybersecurity.

Manage conferences effectively
Malik said that conferences are a great place to learn and network, but they can also be a negative experience if not managed well. He recommends them in moderation; there’s no point in going to every single conference, as many details will overlap and the experience may become redundant.

He said the best strategy is to find the conferences most relevant to your needs and attend them with a well-defined plan. If you want to meet people, such as from your peer network, try to contact them beforehand and set aside some time to get together to share ideas. If there are certain skills you want to learn, attend those talks or workshops. If you’re in the market to buy new technology, make a short list of all relevant exhibitors and visit their booths.

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