10 tricks and tweaks for customizing Windows 10 (free PDF)

Windows 10 was built to do just about everything for everyone–at least that’s Microsoft’s goal. However, it’s not going to be a perfect fit for everyone’s working style or day-to-day tasks. Like previous versions, there are plenty of Windows tips and tricks, keyboard shortcuts and hidden features buried under drop-down menus that can make the operating system easier to use. This ebook walks users through a number of Windows 10 tips that will help them tailor a the operating system’s settings to suit their specific needs. Whether you’re using a Windows PC, laptop, or tablet, these handy tweaks you’ll learn how to:

  • Find, use, and modify the Windows 10 Show Desktop button
  • Modify the Start menu to create a slide-to-shutdown feature for a Windows PC
  • Improve the search box by adding the People app to the Taskbar for quick access to your contacts
  • Turn on speech recognition and dictation with a keyboard shortcut
  • Activate new windows 10 clipboard functions using a Windows Key shortcut
  • Hack the Windows 10 Taskbar to display your last active app window
  • Change ownership of a file or folder using the Security tab on the File Explorer Properties menu
  • Add file or folder ownership to Windows Explorer with the Registry editor
  • Turn on verbose booting mode in Windows 10 with a Registry edit
  • Place Move To and Copy To on the context menu by editing the Registry

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