4 questions to answer before migrating to AWS

Getting ready to migrate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud? You aren’t alone. Companies that are looking to modernize existing business applications often realize the best way to do so is to migrate them to the cloud. By doing so, you can improve agility, performance, and cost savings by moving all, or a key subset, of your workloads to the cloud.

Before you start migrating workloads, you have a few key questions to answer. First, you need to determine what the ideal end state looks like for your organization. Is it hybrid or all-in on the cloud? Next, you need to consider which workloads are the right ones to migrate, and in what order. Following that step, you need to decide what your migration approach will be: lift and shift, partial or full refactoring, or supplementing with SaaS. Lastly, you must determine what your cloud-based architecture will look like. What instance types and services will you use? We will explore each of these considerations in detail in this eBook.

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