5 Lines of Business that Require Good Governance

We hear a lot about Digital Transformation (DT) and how businesses are moving toward more Intelligent Information Management (IIM) practices as their foundation for DT, but good governance is often overlooked as part of this process. Good governance includes the processes, technology, and information management related to retention, security, access authorizations, disposition, audit logs, and many other elements required to maintain corporate, regulatory, and legal compliance. However, these non-negotiable controls and policies often create unnecessary complexity for end users, taking time away from their core responsibilities that drive business value. Automating these “back office” pieces as much as possible and simplifying how users get work done in a secure and compliant manner pays huge productivity dividends down the road.

In this eBook, we will highlight how good governance practices around retention management, defensible discovery, and security policies will help drive digital transform. Specifically, how they make legal, finance, HR, marketing, and sales departments more productive while reducing corporate risk.

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