A Guide to Cloud-Based Communications for Healthcare CIOs

UCaaS delivers Security, Availability, Survivability, and Flexibility in Health Care

Healthcare CIOs can sum up their priorities in one word: Everything. Integrate acquisitions. Offload divestitures. Ensure network availability and survivability. Support mission critical applications. Help facilitate patient satisfaction. And, of course, keep the phones up and running.

Their IT staffs aren’t getting any bigger. And the regulatory environment just keeps getting more complex. Solutions are critical – but so are IT partners who understand the unique healthcare landscape and can complement internal IT resources through managed services.

CBTS has extensive experience partnering with world-class healthcare providers, including multi-site, multi-location providers with thousands of employees. We’re helping healthcare CIOs solve common pain points through technology including our Cisco-based Hosted Enterprise Unified Communications (Hosted Enterprise UC) that is designed for complex, heavily regulated operating environments.

Hosted Enterprise UC, combined with CBTS’ deep roster of managed services expertise and technical talent, helps healthcare CIOs and their IT organizations:

  • Navigate M&A activity.
  • Deliver value-added services that increase patient satisfaction.
  • Leverage next-generation collaboration tools to improve patient
  • Support basic but essential services like voice that executive
    leadership can easily take for granted.

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