A Roadmap to SASE

Navigating the challenges of network security beyond the data center.

Network security is no longer confined to the data center. As security shifts to the cloud, the tried-and-true perimeterbased model just can’t keep up. Today’s cybersecurity professionals are contending with an entirely new type of network and an entirely new set of security needs — now more than ever, they need a new way to keep users, data, and devices safe from threats.

With all the different security solutions (and acronyms) out there — DNS, SIG, SWG, CASB, FWaaS, SASE — it can be tough to sort out which approach is best, as well as which technologies you need to reduce complexity, improve speed and agility, and ultimately secure your network.

In this eBook, we’ll take a look at where the security landscape is heading, identify the gaps in today’s security stack, and highlight the steps you can take to keep your organization safe and secure, today and tomorrow.

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