A tech pro’s guide to LinkedIn (free PDF)

Professional networking received an update when LinkedIn launched in May 2003. The social network provided “members” with a platform to display their resumes, which not only highlights their job history and career accomplishments, but hobby and philanthropic interests, too. Members are also able to use the platform to search for jobs, post updates, research salaries, join interest groups, and interact with other people. Simply, LinkedIn builds connections.

If you’re preparing for is an interview, LinkedIn has its own tools to help with that. If you’re a CTO and searching for a new job or opportunity, like a speaking engagement, LinkedIn can help. Need to build a social media ad campaign? LinkedIn can do that too. Want to enhance your personal brand? LinkedIn can help.

While the assortment of features LinkedIn offers will benefit most business professionals, navigating this myriad menu of resources can be overwhelming. This free PDF guidebook from TechRepublic will help tech pros leverage LinkedIn’s capabilities to get the most value from the social networking site.

In the guidebook:

  • How to take advantage of LinkedIn to prepare for interviews and meetings
  • How to use LinkedIn to find a job with a higher salary
  • How to secure your LinkedIn profile
  • The 5 most important skills a CTO can have on their LinkedIn profile
  • The 3 most recruited jobs ever on LinkedIn are all in tech
  • How LinkedIn’s new Intelligent Hiring tool better connects job-seekers with recruiters
  • 4 tips for writing strong LinkedIn recommendations
  • 4 steps to a better LinkedIn profile
  • How to create a LinkedIn ad campaign: A beginner’s guide
  • And more!

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