A VAR’s Guide to Efficient Quoting

If you’re a VAR in the technology space struggling with quoting, you aren’t alone. Quoting projects for your clients means navigating a lot of complex variables and, more often than not, conquering a beast of a spreadsheet lurking in your sales quoting process. Complicated costing formulas, manual upkeep, and a lack of standardization of output for clients makes spreadsheet quoting a menace to your business.

Initially, you may say the spreadsheet is ‘working fine’, but in the long run it’s causing a painful, drawn-out sales process full of human error and inaccurate data. Even if a spreadsheet can get a quote out the door, it’s still a disconnected island of information with no automatic, auditable flow to key internal systems.

Download this eBook to learn why your business should leave spreadsheet quoting behind and discover a new efficient quoting process to implement as a replacement.

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