Special report: A winning strategy for cybersecurity (free PDF)

In this era of rapidly escalating cyber attacks, companies need to protect themselves with a solid risk management strategy. This ebook, based on this ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature, offers a detailed look at how to build policies to protect your critical digital assets.

From the ebook:

In 2018, as in previous years, cybersecurity incidents made the news on a regular basis, and there’s no shortage of predictions for the ways in which bad actors may grab the headlines in 2019. Behind these prominent incidents and modus operandi is a continuous background level of cyber-activity that is the inevitable result of organisations failing to monitor and protect their networks, and of users neglecting basic security hygiene.

How should businesses respond to the clear, present and ever-evolving threat of cyber-attack? Completely locking down their IT systems isn’t an option, but neither is complacency. Vulnerabilities will almost inevitably be discovered and exploited, and once security breaches have happened they’re usually expensive and time-consuming to remediate, often resulting in lasting damage to the victim’s reputation and bottom line.

The trick is to work out the attacks you’re most likely to face, guard against them to the best of your ability, and review this process regularly. Where to start? Well, no military commander would charge headlong into battle without a clear strategic picture of the conflict, and the same applies in the cyber theatre. That’s where business risk intelligence (BRI), or cyber threat intelligence (CTI), comes in. Here’s BRI company Flashpoint on the subject, for example.

“Having a robust BRI program puts these threats into context for an organization and its risk management efforts. Cybercrime, fraud, insider threats, physical security, M&A security assessments and third-party risk can all be minimized with an adequate handle on intelligence.”

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