Applied Analytics Handbook for Performance Management

In every enterprise around the world, massive amounts of data are being generated every second. But most of that data ends up in the equivalent of a corporate ‘landfill,’ taking up space but not generating any value.

This information ought to be mined for insights to help drive decision-making, but because it’s siloed and unstructured, collecting and analyzing it becomes a daunting challenge.

Insights are the key. Especially when applied to datacenter infrastructure and application performance. It’s no longer feasible to have root-cause analysis take weeks of round-the-clock war room meetings; companies need a solution that delivers fast, accurate, actionable insight to resolve bottlenecks quickly and improve operations continuously.

In this eGuide, you’ll find helpful information on how to evolve your IT management operations from hindsight to insight to foresight, and how Virtual Instruments provides the analytics platform that takes application performance management to the next level.

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