Artificial intelligence: A business leader’s guide (free PDF)

Companies of all sizes are finding ways to use artificial intelligence to save time and money and boost operational efficiency. This ebook discusses some of the benefits and risks of AI technologies and how they’re affecting business, culture, the economy, and the job market.

From the ebook:

Artificial intelligence (AI) will soon impact nearly every industry in some way, but the technology is likely to make waves in one industry in particular this year: human resources.

A growing list of vendors in the HR sector are offering AI solutions to help HR professionals find and retain top talent, according to a Glassdoor report earlier this year—especially in competitive fields such as tech. Vendors such as Entelo, Textio, Textkernal, HiringSolved, and offer AI solutions that help recruiters sort through resumes, make predictive matches between job seekers and positions using data, correct biases in the language used in job descriptions, and use bots to schedule candidate interviews.

But don’t expect to see an android HR agent at your next job interview.

“Rather than replacing HR experts, revolutionary new AI tools are complementing people’s skills,” said Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist, in the report. “AI is taking over low-value aspects of many HR jobs, allowing professionals to focus on higher-value uses of their time.”

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