Build your public speaking skills and advance your career (free PDF)

A strong on-stage presence can provide big rewards, helping you grow your network, boost your reputation, and move your career forward. This ebook looks at ways to become a competent, sought-after speaker and discusses the benefits and opportunities that can bring you.

From the ebook:

Most of us have seen the statistic that many people’s greatest fear is public speaking. Standing in front of hundreds of expectant eyes can certainly be nerve-wracking, but it’s also a highly effective way to build your personal brand. When commanding the stage, you have an opportunity not only to present your thoughts, but also show your ability to exert executive presence—a key trait for your current or future leadership roles. Counterintuitively, public speaking is the ultimate tool for introverts. An effective presentation favors the well-prepared, objections from the audience are usually minimal, and after a compelling talk you’ll have the crowd coming to you rather than uncomfortably working the room.

Speaking also allows you to quickly test new ideas or concepts you’re considering in a relatively low-risk environment. While it might be momentarily painful, I’d rather get an hour or two of negative feedback about a new approach to my work than test that new approach in the field and put my company at risk.

Finding a venue
We live in a world where it’s easier than ever to find opportunities to hone your public speaking skills. Perhaps the easiest place to start is within your own company. If you’re not already doing so, perhaps spend the introductory moments of your next town hall-style meeting delivering a prepared talk about the company, your group, or an emerging technology or industry trend. Practice your delivery, how you move around the room, and leverage body language and facial expressions in that low risk environment.

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