Copy of The Art of Collaborative Data Science at Scale

Data is too siloed. So is data science. The future of data science is data teams working across the enterprise. When data teams work together effectively problems are solved more efficiently and insights are spotted faster.

Learn the art of collaborative data science across the full lifecycle in this eBook. See how organizations have accelerated time to value with a truly collaborative notebook environment that makes it easier to tap into the power of Apache Spark and latest ML frameworks, explore data at scale, train accurate machine learning models, track and compare experiments, and share insights with others.

Download this eBook to learn:
  • Key issues that hamper fragmented data science teams
  • How to focus on your data, not DevOps
  • A framework to accelerate innovation through collaborative workspaces
  • Mastering the complete data and ML lifecycle
  • How top data science teams like Shell achieved a 32X performance gain on inventory analysis

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