Digital Trust for the Real World

We tend to think of digital interactions in terms of things we do on a computer or a smart phone, like shopping, email, or applications.

But in today’s world, the line between digital and real has become blurred. Connections are everywhere, monitoring and powering vast amounts of data and countless numbers of devices all over the planet.

Digital doesn’t mean digital anymore. At the heart of digital trust, we find something that’s been the basis of business, agreements, social contracts, and simple human interactions going back millennia. Regardless of the space – physical or virtual – we need to know that our interactions are authentic, our communication is safe, and the information we exchange is legitimate and unchanged.

Digital trust is more than a high-minded idea, and it’s more than security software. It’s confidence in interactions between anything, or anyone, that connects. In that sense, what’s important about digital trust isn’t what it is, but what it does.

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