Drive agility and business continuity with VMware Cloud™ on AWS

Efficiently migrate to AWS and realize business benefits faster

Business agility is more essential than ever, as highlighted by recent events. Many organizations are also prioritizing rapid scaling of infrastructure to avoid business disruptions. Standing in the way of these changes is the added pressure of cost reduction and optimization.

VMware CloudTM on AWS—the preferred service for all vSphere-based workloads—simplifies your migration, boosting your business agility while allowing you to maintain business continuity. This jointly engineered solution from the largest public cloud provider and the number one provider of virtualization allows you to use the same VMware technologies and tools your team already knows—both on-premises and in the AWS Cloud—while unlocking advanced capabilities through native AWS services.

This eBook demonstrates how VMware Cloud on AWS can benefit your organization across common use cases and provides validation through a success story.

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