eBook: Discover London’s 7 key advantages for US companies

Choice is the biggest issue when locating a data center in Europe. Many countries claim an advantage in one specific area — climate, tax regime or skilled staff — but fall short
in others. However, there is one city with the scale, experience and talent to provide a complete digital solution for all businesses; from start-up to unicorn.

London: For centuries the financial, creative, and business capital of Europe. London, with a population of 8.5m, is responsible for 22% of the entire UK’s GDP and the driving force for growth within the EMEA. A leading destination for top talent, more international technology investment projects come to the city than Paris, Dublin, Scandinavia, Amsterdam and Frankfurt combined, and more US companies choose London than any other.

Infinity is London’s market leader in data center solutions. We have bolstered the city’s digital reputation since 2006, investing in innovative, cost effective and flexible services.

Discover London’s 7 key advantages. Discover your springboard to Europe. Download this eBook to learn more.

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