EMA Radar for AIOps: Q3 2020 A Guide for Investing in Innovation

Change impact and capacity optimization.

OpsBridge Ultimate can track application release changes across the full range of application types, along with changes across the infrastructure and security-related changes.
Data Center Automation accelerates requirements for patching, provisioning, compliance, and vulnerability scans associated with data center changes and migrations.
Cloud Optimizer, native to OpsBridge Ultimate, elevates cloud migration planning with if/then analytics, while PlateSpin integration provides audited testing to assess
performance and capacity issues over the course of cloud migration.

OpsBridge Ultimate gives its customers easy options for enabling business communication through its business value dashboards for both IT and non-IT personnel.
This means that roles such as non-IT executives, online operations, business application owners, digital transformation teams, and other business stakeholders can easily share –
relevant metrics for communication and decision-making with each other and with IT.

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