Everything you need to know about using low-code platforms (free PDF)

Developers are in high demand and short supply, and many companies are left without the tech talent needed to build apps or automate business processes as pressure for new software to support digital transformation efforts mounts.

However, businesses that can’t hire developers can still create apps using low-code platforms. These platforms allow tech and business professionals with no coding experience to build apps and potentially fill talent gaps in their organization.

To help IT and business professionals better understand what low-code platforms offer and how to get started working with them, we’ve compiled the most important details and resources from TechRepublic in this free PDF download.

In the download:

  • Microsoft’s low-code tools: Now everyone can be a developer
  • Is low-code/no-code the future of application development?
  • The lowdown on low-code: Where does it best fit in?
  • Low-code platforms help with project backlogs and software development training
  • How Microsoft is supporting open-source and low-code development to help companies keep moving
  • What software developers should know about 2021: Low-code, AI code testing, COVID-19’s lasting effect and the skills needed to stay on top
  • Case study: Low code is a low-risk, high-advantage proposition
  • Universities turning to low code to help bring back students amid COVID-19
  • San Antonio finds low code is the key to modernizing city services
  • Three smart ways to use low-code development platforms
  • And much more!

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